foreclosure to frugal

EBay Just Got Easier!

“Would I use World Lister again? That is the question, right? Should you give up the eBay ways of the past and switch to World Lister? YES, Yes, yes.” Find out why this eBay seller is listing all her eBay items
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spring sale

Make Money with Coupons

If you’re throwing away coupons because you don’t use the products, start listing them online! People are actually using coupons not only to save money but to make money as well. Selling coupons on marketplaces such as eBay has become
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designer shoes

Thrifting Like A Pro

Get an early start! Check opening times to know when to get up and beat all other shoppers. This is especially important if you shop on weekends, holidays, or any big sale days! For instance, Goodwill often has 50% off
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Ike and Ted

Meet Power Seller Skip McGrath

“If you want to start your business, you have to start your business. Too many people procrastinate.’ – Skip McGrath Today’s guest on #ListerTV, Skip McGrath, has been a power seller on eBay since 1999. Since then he’s branched out
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