Marketing to Women

Hey, online sellers! Does your target demographic mostly consist of women? If so, you need to know where women spend most their time online. Check out this infographic to find out where you should market to reach your female audience.
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Seeing Is Believing

When is the last time you read an article with no pictures? If you look at the science behind why people prefer visuals according to the infographic below, we process images 60,000 faster than text! Remember this when creating your
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Give Feedback To Get It

Want more feedback? Then start giving feedback. Don’t be a hypocrite. Leaving feedback is what keeps shops and stores alive. It’s a way to let others know if a transaction was pleasant or not. If you had a bad experience,
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Very Pinteresting

Pinterest is becoming more and more popular. You’ve probably heard of it, might even have a profile, but are not sure how it will help your business. This infographic tells you exactly what type of customers are on Pinterest, what
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