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Marsha has sold over 1 million books and has been on the Business Week Best Seller list. She's published more than 35 books in the Wiley "For Dummies" series, including eBay for Dummies. As the top selling eBay author, she is also one of the foremost eCommerce experts and educators in the world.

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6 Steps To Painless Social Media Self Promotion

You are your brand. Your message is your topic. This has worked for me: Promote others: Even if it chokes you a bit to give a hat-tip to the competition, social promotion is symbiotic. Helping others with pure intentions builds your
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3 Tips To Kick-start Your eBay Sales!

The most popular issue I see in the emails I receive from new eBay sellers is lack of sales. They are very upset because they list items that don’t sell, and in an auction, don’t ever receive a bid. One
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