Native Apps vs Web Apps

In the epic battle of Native Apps vs Web Apps you have to take in consideration many options when deciding which works best for you and your company. What we have noticed is that websites are moving to web base applications.

It makes sense we have been going online and searching what we want since we could read. Why would you have to go through the hassle of programing your app for Android then Apple’s… etc if it’s not necessary. Having people go to the app store try to find the app, take the time of downloading it, hoping they have enough space in their phone and can connect to wifi…How is this saving time? Most can type in 1st letter of url if they have been before and search before finding there web app in the phone anyways.

Another important factor is what is left out of many Native Apps in order to fit the App store’s guidelines. This approval has to be done for every update that is added to your app which can be a lengthy process. You also then have your web-app accessible to people using their iPads which has become very popular especially for night time browsing. It’s your choice just research all of your options and keep some of these points in mind when deciding.

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