Find Fresh Blog Topics! 10 Ideas that Really Work

Did you ever feel stuck, not knowing what blog topics to write next? Or maybe what you write is flat out stale?

Below is an infographic by Pauline Cabrera that can help you break through the blogging blues.


3 Suggestions as You Use These Ideas

Set up 10 folders on your desktop for each of the ideas.

For instance, folder 1: News, Books & Magazines; folder 2: Mobile Apps; folder 3: Q&A Sites, etc.

Do the research and add your links and ideas to each folder.

Don’t give a lot of thought to it—just scan the internet for a few minutes for each category and add what you like to each folder. Do not look for specific ideas at this point. You’re just gathering information.

Adding to your folders can make a big difference by doing 15 minutes a day.

Be in action.

Often times, you will find lots of ideas streaming forth at this point. This is the best time to create your blog topics and all the content that goes with it.

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