Best Tips for Flea Market Finds

Whether you’re familiar with Flea Markets or you’re brand new to them, the Do’s and Don’ts of Flea Market Shopping has great advice.

Flea markets are full of affordable finds that you can make profitable on your online shop; however, it is important to have an idea of what it’s like before you go. Here are the main tips Kalyn Brooke, author of the article, touches on to be prepared for the unique shopping experience.

  • Don’t be Afraid to Bargain: It is an art to know exactly how to lower the price of an item. Some people are pros at it, but you’ll be surprised how much money you can save by simply asking.


  • Shop different vendors before you buy: A lot of times the Flea Market has the same type of items in different stores. Some vendors sell them for less than others; so I suggest comparing a few prices before you settle on one.


  • Don’t let vendors push you around: Some vendors take ‘good customer service’ to another level. They simply want to sell their items, so they may come off too strong. Let them know when you’re only looking around and don’t let them pressure you into buying things you don’t need.


  • Take Cash: There are a few vendors that only accept cash and ATMs charge a $3.00 fee. Don’t let the fees catch you by surprise by going prepared.

Also, don’t forget to wear comfortable clothes and shoes for all the walking you’ll do.
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To check out the Flea Market nearest you and start saving a few bucks, visit Flea Markets America.

Best wishes on your shopping experience!

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