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Measuring Clothes for Accuracy

Selling online in an efficient way means, you’re taking all the right steps so that you’re actually making selling easier for yourself. By taking the extra time to measure your clothing items with a soft measuring tape, is one step in the right direction. Measuring clothes eliminates a mass amount of incoming emails, and you’ll most likely be asked the same questions, as well as respond repeatedly with the same answers. This step may take a few extra minutes, but once it becomes a part of your listing routine, you’ll appreciate the benefits. 

Your potential buyers love accurate and efficient descriptions of your clothing items. With a great description, along with well-lit photographs or videos, your listing has a much higher chance of selling. Take the time to make your listing, a sold listing!

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Jesse Mongeau

Jesse graduated from The Academy of Art University with a BFA in Fashion Design with a focus in Fashion Styling and Fashion Journalism. She’s gained experience as a senior writer and creator of various fashion blogs and is also the co-creator of the AAU Styling Network. Jesse is currently the leading Journalist for and most of her work can be found at