AutoNation Moves Closer Towards Buying Cars Online

In the race to implement a scalable solution to buying cars directly online, AutoNation is getting closer to the finish line. The challenge of buying a car over the web is not be taken lightly. Unlike other items available in e-commerce, shipping a car presents its obvious challenges. If you buy a pair of jeans and they don’t fit, you can easily return them for just a few dollars, usually paid for by the distributor.

But what happens when you need to return a car? There is little room for error. Any mistake can result in thousands of wasted dollars— the stakes are high. Then there are state and federal laws limiting vehicle related transactions. The rules are also different between each state, making shipping state-to-state even more challenging.

But AutoNation hopes to push through these road blocks, with the online purchase feature being expected to roll out sometime next year. According to a June Wall Street Journal interview with AutoNation executives, their goal is to “get buyers in and out the door in less than 30 minutes when they pick up a car up at the dealership.” Whether or not this is actually possible is up in the air.

Read more in The Wall Street Journal’s article.

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