Car Lister Grows Dealership Community with New Social Plugins

There is a new online automotive hub – – and it’s focusing on helping dealerships establish and grow their communities.

Car Lister’s innovative concept to develop a social platform for the automotive industry is ingenious and has been grabbing the attention of world-renowned media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and Dow Jones. Car Lister has established itself as a home for automotive dealerships and businesses of all sizes and is implementing itself as a catalyst to establish and grow dealership’s communities. The platform is relatively new yet users are already jumping on board by the thousands, and Car Lister is channeling them directly to the dealer’s social doorstep.


Car Lister is constantly upgrading and releasing new features. The latest of which are “Social Plugins.” These plugins allow dealerships to effortlessly post a clickable “Connect” button to their website that auto-connects users to their Car Lister Social page – similar to “Follow me” buttons seen on alternative social media platforms.This is a win-win for both dealerships and consumers, allowing them to stay connected during and after the sale. Consumers typically visit third party websites when they specifically need something, when it comes to buying cars, that means roughly every 6-7 years when they’re searching for a new or new pre-owned vehicle. An automotive social platform gives consumers a reason to stay connected throughout their entire ownership experience.

Consumers also get the best of both worlds by experiencing tech-convenience at it’s finest. They can now interact socially when browsing through dealership’s new, daily inventory while drinking their morning cup of coffee. Better yet – they can submit a valet request for the exact car they are seeking and become notified the second it appears for sale on Car Lister. Car Lister is also currently testing two new features: shipping and financing- which will be live in production in the near future. By delivering all of the eCommerce tools necessary, the consumer will never need to visit a third-party website to complete the ultimate car buying experience.


Car Lister has also introduced another Social Plugin for automotive bloggers and writers: the “Share on Car Lister” button. Embedding the button at the end of a blog post or article enables one-click sharing to the user’s Car Lister Social wall, making it easy for the auto community to direct its fans “home.”

So why would dealerships want to add a “Connect on Car Lister” plugin to their site? Social media is the fastest growing trend for millennials. In fact, for them, it’s second nature. Traditionally, if people wanted to socialize they would call up their friends and find somewhere to meet. In 2015, “being social” means interacting with like-minded individuals on the same website. Major social media platforms have a little bit of everything but specialize in nothing, so niche social media platforms are on the rise – and Dealerships, this one’s for you! Now dealerships can connect with consumers on a social media platform that is integrated with the same system where those consumers go to make vehicle purchases, AND it was built specifically for the automotive industry– now that does a whole lot more than getting “likes” on alternative platforms that don’t translate into car sales. So if you’re in the business of selling automobiles, then you need to establish a presence on the only automotive social platform in the world –

Try it now! Connect with me on Car Lister.

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Ikaika Alama-Francis

Ikaika Alama-Francis

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