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How to Optimize Selling your Art Online

Are you an artist wondering if you should sell your art online?

The good news is, that there are people who invest in creative work. is a great example of an artistic marketplace with around 54 million users as of December 2014. The selling of handmade goods and vintage pieces on the site has become a full-time business for some.

To make the best of your artwork and maximize your sales, check out these 6 tips to keep your creativity blooming and skill thriving.

Showcase Your Work

Think of your online shop as a gallery where your work is being showcased. Focus on having high quality photos with good lighting and suitable backgrounds. Use Photoshop to fix any colors or hues that are not showing well on your listing.

Be Unique

As an artist, you’re able to capture things with your personal style and technique, so embrace that and set yourself apart from other artists.

Etsy blogger and artist Lisa Congdon says, “If your work is very similar to the work of hundreds of other artists in the marketplace, it will be more difficult to stand out.”

Offer a Range of Prices

Art can be pricey and one of the main mistakes online sellers make is that they only list expensive pieces. Be diverse by adding affordable art into your inventory, which will help to bring in a larger audience.

Perhaps the ones that browsed through your work for the lower prices will leave with the high ones too.

Keywords Are Your Friend

Write titles and descriptions that a potential buyer would use. It’s important to know your audience; therefore, keep your tags broad so that your art shows up every time someone types that ‘common’ word.

Have Fun with Your Descriptions

As with any other great listing, write a brief, yet descriptive blurb about your piece. Be specific about the medium used and dimensions.

(Include what inspired you for the piece as an optional. Keep it short and to the point.)

Packaging Takes Great Care

Be diligent with the way you package your art. “Take time and care packaging your art so that it doesn’t bend, chip or break in transit,” suggests Congdon.

The goal is to have your art arrive to the buyer looking as great as you sent it. Strive to keep your customers happy.

Getting the inspiration to create art might come easy. However, one of the most difficult things most artists encounter is the challenge of selling their art. With these 6 tips in mind, you will be more than on your way to selling your art online.

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