Four Keys to Your Online Store Success

Are you planning on selling items on eBay, Etsy or another e-commerce platform? Do you want to make more money online than you ever thought possible?

The key to having a great online store is how you handle customer service. Feedback from a buyer can either make you or break you. Of course, we want you to succeed and thrive.

The best advertising you cannot purchase is when buyers say good things about you. Potential buyers want to hear about what others are saying about your business. Your focused mindset must be developed around having integrity — this is how you deliver knock-your-socks-off support. Are you impressed when you see that a seller has a feedback rating of 98%?

Below are 4 keys to accelerate your path, maintain outstanding service and draw rave reviews.

Be Professional

First and foremost, on your seller page, create one or two sentences showing the promises of your business.

For example, “We strive to bring our customers the best service possible, focusing on prompt response times, quick delivery of orders and customer service representatives that have expert knowledge to help you with any needs you may have.” – Techtronics

Next, be in action and live up to those promises as much as you can. By serving others at the highest capacity, naturally, in return you’ll receive high levels of feedback.

You will grow your business by taking action. Your actions will become your best feedback; people’s positive feedback will simply be the result of how well you’ve served them.

Having a “no questions asked” motto can work well for you in the long run. If a customer needs to return an item or if a package gets lost, it’s best to take any incurred loss.

Customers will talk about how extraordinary you are. That’s priceless for repeat business and word-of-mouth advertising.

Be in Communication

Check your dashboard regularly and stay updated. The key is to communicate with the buyer through the whole process. Some platforms, such as eBay, have an automatic email delivery system.

As an example, if you use eBay labels, their system will automatically upload tracking for the buyer and alert them when the item is shipped.

If you don’t have an automatic email system, simply communicate when the item was sent, the expected date, etc. Buyers want to know. If your online store has an accessible phone app, install it. That way you can communicate with a potential buyer immediately when you’re away from home.

Be Accurate

Make sure the item you are selling has all the details and accuracy – the size, the condition it’s in, what year it was made, a description and anything else the buyer would want to know. Always put yourself in the buyer’s shoes.

When the buyer pays for your item, immediately give them great feedback.

Even if you send them the item and add a note saying, “Thank you for purchasing my product. It means a lot to me! I know you’ll enjoy this!” When you leave feedback about the buyer on your website, be specific. Look for clues in your buyer’s profile or other communications.

Be Responsive

Being responsive will keep your business at an optimum.

Your handling time of items needs to be no more than one business day. Just as important, respond to questions within 24 hours, always communicating through the platform that you set up.

Now you are on your way to a higher level of success with your online business. To make more money is to see how customers want to be treated. Give them great customer support, show them that you really care, and it will have a big impact on your business.

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