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Two Main Ingredients For Your Online Shop Success

Passion and knowledge.

Cuban-born Alina Villasante, the creator and designer of Peace Love World Clothing, has built a renowned clothing line with the use of an active online presence.

What started off as a “love party” has turned into a thriving business.

Initially, Villasante would gather her closest friends and family to shower them with her very own t-shirt designs with inspirational symbols of love, peace and happiness. The artsy clothing began to catch other people’s attention and the “love party” became an annual event. As interest for the uplifting messages on the clothing grew, Villasante decided to leave her career in aviation to give entrepreneurship and fashion design a try.

According to Maria Tettamanti, writer for Miami.com, “The label boasts a strong online presence, operates seven stores in South Florida, three stores in Hong Kong, and is sold in over 2,000 boutiques across the country.”

In five short years, the brand has also gained celebrity support with the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Lopez, Halle Barry, Sofia Vergara and Ellen DeGeneres.

Villasante is an example of how passion and knowledge are key when selling items. People forget that selling online is just like starting their own mini business that could enlarge to something much more.

Five pointers for keeping up a successful online shop and staying passionate:

  • Take the time to create good images
  • Pick out the online platform that’s suitable for your business
  • Keep your inventory updated
  • Leave feedback
  • Stay knowledgeable by researching

The process doesn’t have to be long and tedious; however, all the extra time you put into making your business flourish will show on your sales and feedback.

So here goes to staying committed and informed.

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