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5 Tips For Designing A Mobile App

You have made an important leap to keep up with technology and purchased a mobile app for your e-commerce business. This is an important step forward towards creating a commerce platform that enables you to sell your products anywhere, whether it’s online or on-the-go.

Time for the next step, which is asking yourself, “What should my app look like?” You don’t need to be an experienced designer to build a fully functional and visually appealing mobile app that showcases your business to your customers. You just need to stick to the following simple rules:

1. Keep it Clean and Simple

When working on mobile app design, it’s easy to overdo it. Don’t make this mistake! It’s important to keep the app clean and streamlined. Use contrasting colors that match your business logo and stick to a template of your choosing. Be consistent with the fonts and design elements throughout. All menus and content should be intuitive and accessible. If the design is too messy or busy and your customer can’t quickly and easily find the features, they will not use it.

2. Brighter Isn’t Always Better

A mobile app is displayed on a smaller screen, meaning you have to make your design stand out. You can accomplish this by using a lot of contrast and complementing colors on your site. Don’t make the mistake of choosing colors that are too bright or loud, as this will make them hard to read on the smartphone screen. Don’t overdo it on the number of colors you choose either, as this can make it look childish, out of style, and unprofessional. Also coordinate the colors with your business logo for the purpose of branding. There are many online resources that can help you choose colors that coordinate and contrast on a smart phone interface.

3. Know Your Target Audience

Another very important question you should ask while designing your app is: “Who is this app really for?” The answer is “your customers.” Keep this at the forefront of your mind when building your app. For example, your favorite color may be bright pink but this may not be the best choice if your customers are mostly male. If your product is gender neutral make sure the color palette for your design is as well. Remember, the simpler to use and appealing the app is to your customer’s eye, the more likely they are to keep using it.

4. Choose High Quality Images

Picking the right pictures for your app icons, loading screen, background images, and more is also crucial. For one thing, your pictures need to be great quality with high resolution. Stock photographs are very affordable and a good option if you do not have professional photographs of your business. Be mindful of background images – screen sizes vary, so you have to tweak your photographs and verify that they will appear properly for the customer, regardless of what smartphone or tablet they are using.

5. The Preview Function Is Your Friend!

At the point when you are choosing an application template, don’t forget to preview, preview, and preview. Use it each time you change something to verify that your application looks the way it should. Keep making changes and checking them until the application is flawless and complete. Ask your peers to proof it and give you opinions and suggestions. Continue to review it, until it is perfect, to verify that your clients are getting the visually appealing, highly functional experience they need from your application. With these straightforward tips above you will have the capacity to make an outstanding mobile application for your clients that reflects the uniqueness of your small business. Remember the number one rule – less is more!
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