6 Last Minute Ways To Increase Your Sales For Valentine’s Day

The Christmas spirit seems to just have worn off and already the next holiday is upon us. Did you forget to prepare in advance with an online marketing plan for Valentine’s Day? Good news! Even though it is now less than a week away, it’s not too late to offer some special incentives and boost your Valentine’s Day sales using the following tips:

1. It’s the sound of a lovebird in the air, TWEET TWEET! Starting right now, maximize on your social media sites and make sure at least 2-3 of your posts per day are themed around Valentine’s Day.

2. Offer last minute deals. Host a sale on popular Valentine’s Day items or offer free shipping.

3. Send holiday countdown emails. This will help you keep your customers engaged and showcase your holiday promotions while also allowing you to provide your customers with information such as the last day to order for on-time shipping. This is a great way to attract attention and create a buzz around your store.

4. Offer last-minute personalization and gift wrapping. Both of these services give a more personal, and therefore romantic, edge to your for-sale items and may help you beat out the Valentine’s competition.

5. Offer a gift with purchase. If you have some slow-selling items left over from the holidays you would like to clear out of your inventory, try bundling them with your hot items as a gift with purchase for Valentine’s Day. Everyone loves to get something free of charge, so this is a great way to boost sales and build brand loyalty as customers return to your online store to check for other such promotions.

6. Write a Valentine’s Day themed blog. Be unique! Try to avoid topics that are too clichéd. Write about something that will showcase your product and most importantly remember to choose a blog topic that targets your demographic and that is suitable for the audience you hope to reach.
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