Tips for Advertising on a Budget

If you have a small shop on Etsy or an online store of your own, advertising helps to get your products in front of potential buyers. Advertising can be extremely pricey, but don’t get intimidated! Shopify let us in on some ways to get free marketing! Ways to contact bloggers and submit posts for sites like Mashable. The article includes links to find a network of bloggers, giving tips to help use search engines to their full potential!

According to a study from Nielsen, 92% of buyers trust recommendations and products from people they know, and 70% trust opinions and reviews they find online.

Here’s some of the best search strings to use:

Top X bloggers
Blogs like X
X product reviews
X influencers
X product influencers

You’ll want to grab as much information as you can. Anything from a contributor’s first and last name, to their email address, to where they live – all of this can be useful.

Be sure to check out some of their recent work as well, as it’s always nice to mention that you like their work when reaching out to them.

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