3 Ways to Put Your Shop On the Map

Etsy seller Taylor offers awesome advice about what details you should add to your shop to make a big difference. The unique part about Etsy is how personalized it is. Taylor suggests taking that to the next level by using your location. Being a down to earth mom and pop shop makes you relatable and likable to most Etsy customers. Being authentic to your location and brand engages people to what you are selling, not only your product but your story.
1. Put Products in Their Place: Consider incorporating local landmarks, lore or nature motifs in your products to attract both retail and wholesale customers. Subtle nods to your shop’s locale create a sense of community that buyers will want to be a part of.
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2. Set the Scene With Branding: There are a number of ways to incorporate a sense of place in your branding. Make a quick connection in customers’ minds between the place and your brand by including it in your shop name. Product photography can go a long way toward reinforcing a local brand identity.Extending local motifs to your packaging creates a cohesive brand message.
3. Tap Into Local Social Media Trends: To reach buyers interested in showing off their hometown pride, pay special attention to local social media trends. Instagram is a great idea for these images.
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