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Keeping Record When Selling Online

Every online seller needs to analyze their data and see what is working, what sells, and when they sell. Which way is best to describe these items? Where is the best place to take pictures in your house, and at what time of day? You can get all of these down to a science. If you’re not seeing the results you want, switch it up and see if something else works better.

1. Time of day: Remember the time of day you list an item, is the time of day auction will end. Generally speaking, afternoon or evening are best. Shoppers can browse when they get home from work and start bidding. Experiment with which time works best for your items and your store.

2. Sell for the season: Let’s say you usually sell women’s clothing. Make sure you cater to the season. If spring break is coming up, list some beach cover ups. If it’s Christmas season head over to Goodwill and get some ugly Christmas sweaters. Even if it’s something you would not normally list, that people are looking for based on weather or holidays, the chance of it selling increases.

3. Price: We always recommend doing your research and factoring in shipping to make sure you turn profit. If an item does not sell after multiple listings, lower the price. Raise the price if you see the last similar item sold quickly. If your item is in high demand and not found easily, people tend to be willing to pay a little more.

4. Title and Description: If your description does not give your customer a clear idea of what the item is, they are not going to buy it. Switch up the wording on items if you see it’s not getting the result you would like or if your inbox is full of questions. This article will give you some tips on a title click here to read.

It’s best to take notes on as much as you can, what time of the year, and what you where able to turn good profit on. Learn from your mistakes and your victories to better estimate your sales. Ask around to get ideas from others so you don’t have to have a trial and error moment and save some time.

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