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EBay Seller Shares Her Mistakes

Andy shares what she learned as a new user on eBay. She gives advice on what to look out for.

1. Honesty: Be honest about holes or scuff marks on your item and take a picture of them. You don’t want to waste shipping costs only to upset a customer and end up paying for return shipping. You will lose money and receive negative feedback. Honesty is the best policy for a reason!

2. Pictures: Make sure you have good quality photos and as she says make sure to take as many pictures as the platform allows for free. In her case, eBay allows you to have 12 free images.

3. Shipping: In her case, it worked out better not to have free shipping, because her clothing items were light and did not cost much to ship. In her case she lost money for free shipping if no bid on item.

4. Handling: You want handling time to be as short as possible. However like Andy suggests wait until you receive money first, then ship as quickly as possible – 2 days max.

5. Auction Time: Have your auction end on Saturday or Sunday night. Have it end for a time you would be looking for stuff on eBay.

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