Like-Minded People

Selling online is a fun and easy way to make money out of a hobby, or flipping things that are laying around the house. It’s exciting when you find a great item to flip or hand-make a necklace and get to see it go to a person that will proudly wear it – it’s a great feeling. When it comes to any interest or passion, it’s always beneficial for people to bounce ideas off each other and be able to enthuse about the same thing. You don’t have to take on the online selling venture by yourself, this community can be of great help. Savvy Seller wants to embrace all sellers, give advice and tips that we have learned, and also learn from you. Need advice on selling? Ask us or ask a fellow seller from our twitter list. Hear how other sellers got started and listen to their words of wisdom. Check out our YouTube channel where you can watch interviews and tips from some great sellers! This will give you some inspiration for your own store, and make this online selling thing feel like a community helping each other grow, rather than something to figure out alone. See if anyone in your local community does the same thing, and you can thrift together. There is strength from learning from others and of course it makes the experience more enjoyable when you feel part of a community. So get involved!

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Savvy Seller

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