Inspect Before You Expect

When looking for items to flip online it’s very important to carefully examine each item. Sometimes we get caught up in the price and the brand that we forget to inspect every element of the item. Here are a couple of things to pay attention to when buying items from a thrift store.

1. Stains:
They can be extremely sneaky. Make sure you check all parts of the item to make sure there are no stains on it. For clothing, make sure to check places like arm pits, sleeves, and chest stains. Also for electronics or tools look for rust or any type of discoloration. You might still be interested in the item with a stain on it if you think you can remove it or if you think you can still flip it, just calculate it in to your final price.

2. Fake:
At first glance some items seem to be the real deal and if you are a thrifter your heart beats a little faster for them. To find out if an item is real or fake check out this article Designer Brands: Real or Fake

3. Functionality:
This goes for electronics to zip up jackets. If you find it at Goodwill, find an outlet and plug lamps or toasters in to make sure they work before you buy them. Zippers are a big functionality on clothing that can be an issue on dresses, pants, and zip-up hoodies.

Always ask yourself: Would someone buy it knowing it has this defect, and can you still make a profit? If the answer is yes, then snatch it and flip it.

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