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Garage Sales Are Over

Summer has come and gone, and garage sales are no longer with us. As great as garage sales are for finding deals, you can find things to sell in your house. My parents dedicate half of their basement to items that did not sell at garage sales along with knick knacks they will never use. For those that don’t have a basement, it’s a spare bedroom, closet, or attic. A lot of your unwanted items are exactly what people are searching for online. All of those strange gifts you’ve received, old halloween costumes piling up, or holiday wardrobe that you don’t want to be photographed in yet again – consider all stored items with the idea that you could sell them for money. You could clean out a whole room and make some good money without ever having to leave the house or spend money. If it does not sell, what is the worst thing that could happen? It stays where it is. Doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Now that we are inside much more with the weather cooling down, why not do a spring cleaning twice a year?

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