It’s Not Easy Creating A Title

Titles make a huge difference when selling an item. I’ve seen some listings on eBay and had no idea what it was for, judging by the title. I’m aware, picking a title for a crazy item can sometimes be difficult. How do you decide which words to include when you have a limit on characters and which words confuse buyers?

1. Designer and brand names are important.
Always ask yourself: What would you search for? You would not type in pink polka dot brand new designer shoes. Instead you would probably type the designer name first. Kate Spade New Shoes. If you are selling anything by a designer name, you will definitely want to put that first in the title. If it’s a type/part that is also very important because the buyer will be searching that specifically.

2. How used is this item?
I don’t want the listing to say Kate Spade lightly worn for one occasion shoes. You want your title to be short and descriptive, giving the buyer a clear idea what you are selling without boring them and completely losing interest.

3. ***TyPiNg LiKe ThI$*** just gives people headaches!
Please use appropriate grammar, spelling, and capitalized words. Sometimes a star or two will get the buyer’s attention but let’s not go overboard.


Titles obviously vary depending on what item you are selling. Some items I have sold online are difficult to describe. Check online to see what other titles where used that sold. If you have some items that have not sold in the past, consider these tips and re-list. You might be surprised how important titles are.

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