4 Ways Selling In Lots Can Make You Lots Of Money

Here are 4 tips that can save you time and money by selling in bundles or “lots.”

1. Shipping cost can be less. Instead of shipping 100 flat rate envelopes for 1 onesie, you could be shipping one box of 100 onesies. You will see that you save a lot of money just shipping to one person. Also you do not have to acquire a bunch of envelopes print out 100 labels.

2. It would be much more difficult to guarantee these 100 onesies are going to sell. If you sell them all together and they sell then you sold 100% of your inventory.


3. You only have to list one time! This is exciting to many new sellers were selling online is still time consuming, for you to list 100 items and take pictures of each one! No thanks take a couple of group shots. Or shots of each size.

4. Customers will love you! Think with a buyer mindset, if I have a newborn I’m fully aware that that baby is going to need a lot of onesies and be growing at a rapid pace. It’s silly to buy an abundance of clothing that will be worn a few times until they grow out of them. Instead they can get 1 box of various sizes of onesies that they can use for the first year or more.

It’s a win win situation really you save money on shipping and it’s saves you time on listing and you do not have to worry if all your inventory will sell. The buyer gets exactly what they want also they do not have to find a number of different sellers.

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