50% Sale at Goodwill

Thrift stores are a great place to shop for resale items. You can find amazing gems at these stores; anything from designer clothing, shoes, handbags, household items, to vintage jewelry and toys. There are great items to be found that you can flip for profit on sites like eBay.

Goodwill is a popular donation spot and offers lots of variety to shop from. The store color-coordinates their price tags and has daily or weekly sales organized tag colors. For more specifics talk to a manager to find out your store’s details.

The best time to go thrifting is when Goodwill has their “50% Off – One Day Sale.” This happens almost every month, and it’s usually on a Saturday. The easiest way to find out the exact day is to look up your local Goodwill’s web site if they have one. Some Goodwills have social media pages where they announce the date, such as the Southwest Florida store here:

Don’t forget to ask for the discount card at the register. For every x-amount of dollars you spend (depending on your local store) you’ll receive a discount on your next purchase. It’s the little cherry on top of the ice cream cake.

Happy thrifting!

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