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3 Tips for Better Social Media Engagement

So you’ve created an online store and set up your social media pages, but what now? How do you get the word out about what you’re doing? Social media is all about your interaction with other users. Here are 3 simple tips to help create better engagement with followers, provided by online advertisers PropelAd.

1. Visuals
Engage followers emotions and attention through videos and images. To increase follower engagement try creating a MeMe to make your followers laugh, because who doesn’t enjoy cleverly witty content?Think outside of the box it’s the viral videos that get the most likes and shares.

2. Call to Action
Create content that calls your followers to action. How do you call your followers to action? Create content that gets the followers involved. Don’t just post something to read and call it a day, create posts that raise questions and encourage users to click. Help guide users about what to do next by using banners, buttons, and hyperlinked images. As an online store, your ultimate goal is to increase your sales, and getting followers to respond to your posts is a great start! An engaged user is a great lead that can be turned into a customer.

call to action example
3. Time it Right

Did you know that certain subjects are more widely shared on certain days of the week? Pay attention to what you share and which day you want to share it on. Also pay attention to the time of day you share posts. Depending on your audience there are different peak times to share your content.

Working Class: 8am-11am & 11pm-2am

Best time to post is at the beginning of the work day and later at night while everyone is relaxing before hitting the hay.

Moms: 11am-2pm

This is the time that most kids are put down for their daily naps, so mom has some time to spend on social media.

Younger Kids/Teens: After school and during school breaks

Frequency is very important also, especially for Facebook. Don’t post to Facebook as frequently as you would on Twitter, but try to post more than once a day. Each page requires it’s own unique balance depending on the target audience. According to the article by PropelAd, 3 posts per day is the golden number for Facebook. Posting more than 3 times per day annoys most people, and posting less can leave them bored.

To read the full article by PropelAd go HERE

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