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Why Shipping Items can be a Failure

When a seller has purchased your listed item, the next step for you is to ship the item. Some of the biggest confusion about shipping is creating your initial shipping price, or possibly understanding which box to use for shipping. You may be asking yourself, what am I doing wrong? Well, you’re not alone. Shipping is one of the biggest problems when it comes to online sales.

If you feel like shipping is stealing all your profits, then stop guessing, and start understanding how to maximize your account. The first thing to realize about shipping is that space is money!

Here are some helpful hints so you don’t lose any money. Flat Rate Box makes it possible for you to create shipping rules for boxes. Boxes have a fixed size, and items are packed in volumetrically. Take a flat rate box and fill with items, use the maximum space available! Many flat rate boxes and envelopes are free at your local post office.

When selling items on eBay, be sure to remember space is money. Try selling items in multiples, so you’re not paying to ship just one item at a time. Entice your watchers and bidders to buy in bulk. This way you’re filling up your shipping boxes completely, and shipping once for one price.

To increase sales, sell in lots.

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Jesse Mongeau

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