People want more! Ship your items ASAP!

EBay is more than just buying and selling items online nowadays, it’s become a platform for personal businesses. There are some crucial guidelines that you should follow in order to make the most profit on your items. If your item has sold, and the buyer has paid, ship the item right away! Speedy shipping is crucial to receiving positive buyer feedback, which then shows other eBay consumers that you are a good “business” to work with.

When you purchase an item online, you usually want your item in a few days rather than a week or two, right? As an eBay seller, to make sure you can meet or exceed buyer expectations, you should prepackage your items as soon as you list them. Once it sells, you can simply print out the shipping label and send the package on its way! As soon as you start to treat your eBay account as a business it will start to grow as a business.

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Jesse Mongeau

Jesse graduated from The Academy of Art University with a BFA in Fashion Design with a focus in Fashion Styling and Fashion Journalism. She’s gained experience as a senior writer and creator of various fashion blogs and is also the co-creator of the AAU Styling Network. Jesse is currently the leading Journalist for and most of her work can be found at