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How to Know When a Garment is Well Made Part 2

  1. Don’t be fooled by knock-offs!

A few ways to check if your garments, especially jeans are real is looking at buttons, tags, zippers, stitching and misspellings on logos. Many designer brands have a logo that’s authentic and is placed throughout the garment. If your jeans have a tag that reads “Made in China,” they are not authentic.

  1. Decorative elements are secure and applied correctly.

Any embroidery, studs, sequins or other embellishments on a garment should be secured properly with sewing techniques and should not fall off as soon as you touch it. Good quality embroidery means your clothes won’t be falling apart while your walking around a party!

  1. Patterns should look like patterns!

Fabric patterns that don’t match up are an easy way to know if a garment is well made. Checkered prints and stripes should match up when two seams are sewn together. If your stripes and prints don’t line up at the seams, it will distort your silhouette. *


  1. Shoes!

When looking at leather shoes, be sure to bend the shoe a little to stimulate walking. If the leather is wrinkled, when the shoe returns to its flat position, that’s a sign of a cheap, not-so-great leather. Quality leather is essential when you’re trying to find shoes to resell online for a higher price.





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Jesse Mongeau

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