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6 Steps To Painless Social Media Self Promotion

You are your brand. Your message is your topic.

This has worked for me:

  1. Promote others: Even if it chokes you a bit to give a hat-tip to the competition, social promotion is symbiotic. Helping others with pure intentions builds your social credibility.
  2. Stay on topic! If you have a business audience, keep the kitten and puppy pictures to a minimum and save the emoticons for your personal friends.
  3. Curate the best content that ties in with your online community; whether photo or product.
  4. Tell stories! Storytelling about successes is a favorite read. Do you personally have any? Perhaps stories of those who have benefitted from your work?
  5. Build trust by not sharing topics out of your wheelhouse just because they are trending. But do sprinkle personal posts, they bring humanity to your brand.
  6. Lose any feeling of entitlement — no one is required to follow (or listen to) you. You need to romance your customers by engaing in converstaions and commenting.

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