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6 Ideas to Captivate Impulse Buyers

According to a recent survey done by AOL, 60% of millennials that browse the web said they look at products online every day even if they don’t plan on purchasing. Because of this statistic many online stores rely on marketing strategies to attract impulse buyers. Setting up your own store to attract impulse buyers can help to increase store traffic, and bring in more profits.

1. Flash Sale

Whether you need to get rid of the last few pieces of inventory, or you just want to increase store traffic and purchases, have a flash sale. The sale can be an hour to a couple days in length, but keep it simple. Most flash sales only include a limited number of items and offer a small discount for the length of the sale. Even just having one item for sale to intrigue impulse buyers will help improve site traffic. Make sure you clearly communicate the items included in the flash sale, and the length of the sale.

2. Free Shipping

Don’t let a small shipping fee scare away potential impulse buyers.

3. Make policies clear and easy-to-access

Offering hassle-free exchanges/returns, and making sure it’s well known, can help to improve sales from impulse buyers.

4. Show Trustworthiness

Offer opportunities for customers to leave feedback. When impulse buyers can read reviews from others’ experiences with your store this helps to build excitement and trust.

5. Colors & Branding

The colors and branding of your store can intrigue and attract impulse buyers as well. How you customize the look and branding of your store has a huge impact on potential buyers. If you want to learn more about how colors impact online shoppers, check out the infographic discovered by Journalist, Jesse Mongeau in her article: “Do Colors Really Affect Your Purchases Online?”

6. Social Media

Sharing on social media offers free opportunities for advertising. Post clear images with creative captions that viewers just want to click on. Sharing intriguing posts through Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest can lead impulse buyers to your store.

According to Hawkeye Management, 40 percent of online purchases are made by impulse buyers. As the ways we communicate continue to speed up, users require information to be clear, concise, and easy-to-find. As long as you are conscious of the 6 tips above while creating, customizing, and updating your online store you can’t go wrong.

*statistics by Hawkeye Management

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