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Designer Brands: Real or Fake?

If you’re an online seller, you must check the authenticity of your designer labels before listing them onto online marketplaces, like eBay. If you just assume your item is the “real” thing, but it’s fake, eBay can ban you from ever selling on their network again! Making the mistake of not doing a quick background check on your items before listing them could potentially ruin your entire online selling career; even if you innocently didn’t know it was a Prada or Gucci knock-off!

To protect your store you can use and eBay fashion board. These are two great resources that will inspect your garment or product and give you a valid response about whether or not your item is authentic and legal to sell (yes, it is illegal to sell counterfeit goods in the US; Learn from NAW.


Who doesn’t enjoy finding a great item for a steal at garage sales, thrift stores, or other second hand shops? These items are the ones that are great for selling at online marketplaces to earn a generous profit! Protect yourself and become an expert online seller by researching the authenticity of any garments you plan to sell especially if you think they’re worth a significant amount of money!

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Jesse Mongeau

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