6 Ideas to Captivate Impulse Buyers

According to a recent survey done by AOL, 60% of millennials that browse the web said they look at products online every day even if they don’t plan on purchasing. Because of this statistic many online stores rely on marketing
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Real or Fake? Know Your Designer Jeans!

You’ve probably heard about handbag knock-offs but did you know jeans are being faked as well? It is illegal to sell knock-offs on sites like eBay. Designer brands such as 7 For All Mankind and True Religion are popular brands
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How to Know When a Garment is Well Made Part 2

Don’t be fooled by knock-offs! A few ways to check if your garments, especially jeans are real is looking at buttons, tags, zippers, stitching and misspellings on logos. Many designer brands have a logo that’s authentic and is placed throughout
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A Guide To Perfect Social Media Posts

This is the ultimate infographic that shows you how to create powerful social posts. It demonstrates the best times to post as well as show what a detailed post should look like, no matter what social platform you prefer to
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5 Tips To Understanding Well Made Garments

Have you ever been to a second hand store to find a good deal but you weren’t sure what to look for when shopping for clothing? Have you ever wanted to learn how to tell the difference between designer labels,
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Pinterest Users Aren’t Just Clicking, They’re Buying!

Pinterest users are buying cooking utensils, children’s toys, and even clothing! Pinterest boards contain pretty much everything we could possibly imagine, and luckily for online sellers having a Pinterest account can boost online sales. Check out what these buyers are
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